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This big alpine house is high level equipped with apartments of various sizes right in the Centre of Levi. The kitchens are well equipped, and there are a panel TV, stereos/a DVD-player, a drying cabinet, a sauna and shower(s), balcony/terrace and fireplace in almost every apartment. The residents of all the apartments also have free access to the gym located in the basement of next house.

This modern alpine house consisting of 12 apartments, located right by the piste, restaurants and places for social evenings, and almost every apartment has a view towards the piste. There is an entrance to each apartment from inside. Apartments 6 and 7 are smallest ones 2 persons’ apartments on one floor and biggest apartments 1, 8, 14. There are either 4 or 5 beds in apartments 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 11 and 1 2. You don’t have to carry the skiing equipment etc. inside, but instead, there are lockable storage places for the equipment in the alpine house basement as well as a tumble drier. It's not allowed to smoke in any apartment. There is only about 300 metres to a grocer’s shop.

Apartments 1,8,14

This is one of the big apartments. There are sleeping places for 6+1 places.

  • Upstairs (48m²): there is a kitchen/living-room, big balcony, WC, two separate bedrooms for 2 persons and a great view towards the piste.
  • Downstairs (32m²): there is beds for 2+1 persons, a room with a fireplace, WC, sauna/bathroom with 2 showers..

Apartments 2 , 3,4,5,10,11,12

This apartment is ideal for a family, it however, is also suitable for two couples or a group consisting of 4 friends.

  • Upstairs (21m²): there is a combined living-room and kitchen, with a fireplace and convertible sofa, a great view towards the piste.
  • Downstairs (16m²): there is a sauna, WC/bathroom and bedroom for two.

Apartments 6 , 7

This apartment is a functional 2 persons’ apartment on one floor (31m²).

  • There is a bedroom for 2, combined living-room and kitchen, bathroom/WC and sauna.

Price list of the above mentioned apartments:

Apartments 1, 8, 14