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Pyhä-Luosto is one whole area that is comprised of two fell resorts in the middle of Finnish Lapland (only 90 minutes from the Arctic Circle and 3 hours from the Sampo Ice-Braker) with excellent facilities and well organised activity services. Modern hotels, spa facilities, cosy log cabins, well groomed downhill and cross country ski slopes and tracks, outdoor fun and adventure rounded off with fine wine and cuisine, all combine to ensure a successful holiday.

The winter in Pyhä-Luosto offers skiing, visits to Pyhä-Luosto Husky and Reindeer Park and the Amethyst Mine (the only one in whole Europe which welcomes visitors), snowmobile, reindeer and husky safaris in the snowy forest and snowshoe hikes to the untouched fell slopes. All of these and many more wonderful experiences which soon transport you away from routine of daily life.

How to get to Pyhä-Luosto?

By Air

There are daily flights to Helsinki from most European countries. There are also several flights from Helsinki to Rovaniemi (about 1 hour) on a daily basis. From Rovaniemi there is a possibility to continue to Pyhä-Luosto region by SkiBus, taxi or by renting a car. Driving to Pyhä-Luosto takes about 90 minutes.

By Train

Travelling to Rovaniemi or Kemijärvi from southern Finland (10-12 hours) is easy, also with a car-carrier train. There are bus connections from both railway station (Rovaniemi and Kemijärvi) to Pyhä-Luosto (SkiBus), which leave immediately following the arrival of the train.

By SkiBus

There is Pyhä-Luosto’s own SkiBus that transports holidaymakers to the area year round. During high season the bus drives four times a day and during lower season once a day. Pyhä-Luosto SkiBus is a connection to certain Finnair and Blue1 flights and the timetable may chance accordingly..

By car

The drive from Rovaniemi to Pyhä-Luosto takes about 90 minutes. The route goes from Rovaniemi toward north, take E75 / 4 and continue for approx. 100 km until you turn to right on Pyhä-Luosto road 96 2. Continue 14 km to Luosto and another 20 km to Pyhä.