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Salla is a ski and holiday centre for the whole family! Come and capture the authentic taste of Lapland, experience of quality service and the warmth of the local people.

In Salla you wont be spending hours queuing for the ski lift or the restaurant. All the facilities, from ski equipment rental to your cabin, are easily accessible – on foot.

In Salla you can experience the unbroken peace of northern nature. Take pleasure in the tranquillity – a welcome break from the normal everyday hustle and bustle.

As for travel to Salla, you have a number of choices.

The train will take you as far as Kemijärvi, where a bus awaits to take you to Sallatunturi. If you arrive by air, your destination is either Rovaniemi or Kuusamo, the latter offering you a bus connection to Salla. In Salla itself you won’t be needing a car, but if you want to drive, the distance from Helsinki is c. 900 km.

The long-awaited Salla border crossing point is now open, to the delight of both locals and visitors. A short visit to Russia is not a problem any more, provided that you have obtained a visa in advance. On the Russian side, the gorgeous fell scenery of Vanha Salla (Old Salla) opens up before your eyes.

Salla is
986 km from Helsinki
950 km from Turku
780 km from Tampere
560 km from Joensuu
155 km from Rovaniemi
100 km from Kuusamo
67 km from Kemijärvi