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The Suomu fell has a unique geographical position on the Arctic Circle, just half hour’s drive from Kemijärvi – Kemijärvi , the northernmost town of Finland, is a town nestled between the ski resorts of Suomu, Pyhä-Luosto and Salla.

This fortunate location Suomu allows you to make use of the services of an entire small town, whilst having access to all the activities a ski resort has to offer. The fell’s long, steadily declining slopes rank among the best in Finnish Lapland.

Suomu is a good destination for a longer stays. The traditional Suomu downhill skiing centre is gradually being developed to become a diverse Arctic Circle resort offering plenty of new activities, not forgetting the traditional winter pastimes. Genuine Lappish atmosphere in the fell countryside and magnificent forests.

Examples how to reach Suomu (please always remember to check the timetables):


Flight + bus Helsinki-Rovaniemi-Suomu

Finnair / Helsinki 1 2.20-Rovaniemi 13.40

Bus / Rovaniemi Airport 13.55 – Suomu 15.40

Train+bus Helsinki-Kemmijärvi-Suomu

VR (State railways) Helsinki 19.27 – Kemijärvi 8.50

Bus Kemijärvi 9.45 – Suomu 10.40


Bus+ flight Suomu-Helsinki

Bus/Suomu 1 1.30-Rovaniemi Airport 13.20

Finnair Rovaniemi 14.10 – Helsinki 15.25

Bus+train Suomu-Kemijärvi-Helsinki

Bus Suomu 18.00 – Kemijärvi 18.50

Kemijärvi (train) 19.40 – Helsinki 8.35